Bite Analysis

What is a Bite Analysis?

At Hawkins Dentistry, we use bite analysis to evaluate your bite so we can determine whether or not the position of your jaw is causing a dental problem. We use articulating paper to check a patient’s bite. We look at the patient’s condyles of the jaw from the panoramic x-ray to look for signs of tmj and we do offer occlusal guards.

Why Would I Need a Bite Analysis?

As you bite, your upper and lower teeth come together. If your teeth are misaligned or missing, your jaw joint will shift as an effect of these conditions. Nighttime teeth grinding or jaw clenching can worsen this problem. This causes strain that may lead to severe pain and disorders like temporomandibular joint disease (TMD). Signs of this problem include loose or chipped teeth, sore jaw, and headaches.

What Does a Bite Adjustment Entail?

Dr. Hawkins will perform a bite adjustment to restore proper mouth function and prevent further issues by lessening the force of your bite. The simplest remedies include polishing down uneven tooth enamel or adjusting an old filling that may be causing problems.

In a situation that has progressed more, Dr. Hawkins will put a mouthguard in place that will properly position the lower jaw. This is a permanent way to fix a bite problem. This guard will protect your teeth, and your jaw will be less forceful when you bite down. This lessened force will relax your jaw muscles and provide freer jaw movement.

If you think that you are suffering from bite problems or have been diagnosed with TMJ, the experts at Hawkins Dentistry can help. The entire staff is trained in the newest dental technologies and will be able to perform a bite analysis to evaluate your bite. In the end, you can feel less discomfort and enjoy a healthier smile!

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