Dental Hygiene

Hawkins Dentistry wants to brighten your smile! We believe the best place to start is by scheduling a dental hygiene exam every six months. Dr. Hawkins and his staff in Marysville will do everything they can to treat any dental issues they see and maintain each patient’s dental health. These semi-annual appointments should, of course, also be combined with the patient’s dedication to at-home oral hygiene techniques.

Hawkins Dentistry recommends that each patient sticks to a healthy diet and a daily dental routine at home. Dr. Hawkins will continue these efforts at the office by performing routine dental exams. During these visits, a certified hygienist will thoroughly clean and remove plaque and tartar from the patient’s teeth. Dr. Hawkins will also examine the patient’s teeth to make sure there are no underlying problems that need additional treatment.

We will also take routine x-rays to make sure there are no issues occurring below the gums. This could include cavities and decay, impacted teeth, root damage, and other conditions that cannot be seen on the surface.

Our office takes pride in offering a wide range of dental services to you. If we do discover a more serious problem during your routine exam, we can provide many of the dental procedures needed to treat the condition. If we are not able to provide treatment in our office, we will refer you to a trusted and experienced specialist who will take great care of you.

We want our patients to obtain their brightest smiles by providing keeping up-to-date on the latest dental techniques and technologies. If you honor your commitment to visiting Dr. Hawkins every six months and adhere to an at-home oral hygiene routine, your smile will stay beautiful. These habits will help prevent many oral health problems or catch them before they worsen. This will lessen your overall dental discomfort and the amount of money you spend on oral care for years to come. Schedule your dental hygiene appointment with us today!

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