When you have small gaps or damaged teeth, you may wish to find an effective way to restore a beautiful smile. Bonding is one dental treatment that can repair these types of issues. With bonding, a tooth-colored resin is applied to a damaged tooth to permanently repair the issues.

When is Dental Bonding Performed?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure most often used to improve the look of a tooth that has been chipped or is discolored. Also, this treatment may be completed to narrow or eliminate gaps that occur between teeth or to change the shape of teeth.

What are the Benefits of Dental Bonding?

There are many benefits that come from dental bonding. To begin, it is extremely easy to perform and costs less than other procedures. Thanks to the composite resin material, it can be matched perfectly to the color and shape of existing teeth. It may be used in a protective manner as well, especially when a part of a tooth’s root has become exposed from gum recession.

How to Care for a Bonded Tooth

Since the resin used in bonding may stain, it is important to avoid things like coffee and wine for at least 48 hours after treatment. Smoking may cause discoloration as well. Otherwise, bonded teeth may be treated like natural teeth. It is important to brush and floss daily. With proper care, a bonded tooth will last many years.

What is Involved with a Bonding Procedure?

Bonding is relatively simple and is usually completed in one visit. First, Dr. Hawkins will determine the color that matches your existing teeth. Then, he will gently etch the surface of the tooth so it becomes slightly rough. He will then apply a conditioning liquid to aid with the bonding process. When the tooth is all ready, the resin will be molded and smoothed into shape and placed on the tooth. Dr. Hawkins will harden the resin onto your tooth with a special light. After everything is set, the tooth will be properly shaped and polished to blend with existing teeth. The entire procedure should take no longer than one hour.

If cracked teeth or gaps have lowered your confidence, you should discuss dental bonding with your dentist. Bonding is a quick and easy solution for patients who have small gaps in between teeth, chipped teeth, or who want to restore or create a better shape or color to their smile. At Hawkins Dentistry in Marysville, Ohio, we routinely perform dental bonding. With our expertise, you will enjoy a healthier and more beautiful smile. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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