One of the best ways to prevent cavities in children is by using fluoride treatments. These are safe, effective, and easy. When combined with sealants, they lower the likelihood of tooth decay by 95 percent. If you want to ensure a healthy smile for your child, talk to Dr. Hawkins about this treatment.

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral that naturally exists in water and other foods (such as grapes). Since it is known to protect tooth enamel, it is often added to toothpastes and other oral care products. Since it may not be available in everyone’s water supply, it is important to consider a professional fluoride treatment for your child.

What are the Benefits of Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride can be used as a shield to a young person’s teeth. It protects against acids and may actually reverse small signs of decay. Also, on a molecular level, it helps to protect teeth from demineralizing, or losing their strength over time.

When your child receives a fluoride treatment, he or she will get an adequate amount to effectively halt acidic destruction of enamel. Only a small amount is necessary to reap full benefits. At Hawkins Dentistry, we usually apply these treatments after professional cleanings.

While we most commonly use fluoride treatments for children, fluoride is also beneficial for adults. If you feel you do not get enough fluoride from your food or water supply, don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Hawkins if fluoride treatments could be right for you.

Are Fluoride Treatments Safe for Children?

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, water that contains fluoride is a safe and effective part of oral care. Until a child reaches the age of 16, exposure to fluoride plays an essential role in dental health. Remember that fluoride can be harmful if it is ingested in extremely high doses, so don’t push it too far. Fortunately, our treatments and normal exposure are not toxic or harmful in any way. A fluoride toothpaste is also safe to use as soon as your child develops teeth.

Fluoride treatments are crucial for children and also very beneficial for adults. At Hawkins Dentistry in Marysville, we provide these types of treatments so your teeth can be healthy for life!  We understand that they play key roles in oral care and help to prevent problems from forming. For more information, contact our office today!

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