Here’s To Moms, and Their Healthy Smiles!

imagesBefore You Get Pregnant

Women who are planning a family don’t necessarily think about a visit to the dentist. But it is a very good idea to schedule your regular checkup before getting pregnant. Because your overall health is important for you and your baby-to-be we want to thoroughly clean your teeth to ensure that any oral health issues can be resolved before pregnancy.

Dental Care When Pregnant

You will want to let us know if you are pregnant but do not cancel any regular checkups. We will offer the dental treatment plan appropriate for whichever trimester you are in. Pregnancy causes changes to the mother’s hormones which can effect oral health, including a periodontal problem called “pregnancy gingivitis.” Some women experience tender or bleeding gums during pregnancy. If that does occur, call our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hawkins.

A healthy diet is good for you and your baby. Your baby’s teeth begin developing during the third month of pregnancy — calcium rich foods such as dairy products will help your baby develop strong teeth, gums and bones.

Maintain strong twice daily brushing and flossing habits to protect yourself from gum disease and help your baby, too. Studies have shown that bacteria which causes tooth decay can be passed from mother to baby.

If you suffer from morning sickness and the taste of toothpaste is a problem, try a different brand that does not contain mint or other flavoring. Rinsing with mouthwash or even plain water can help reduce the adverse effect of frequent morning sickness on your teeth.

After Your Baby is Born

Taking care of your baby will keep you very busy, and sometimes taking care of yourself falls through the cracks! We suggest you make your “after the baby” regular checkup before delivering so you already have it on your schedule. If you experience any gum problems during pregnancy you will want to come in as soon as possible after the baby is born.